About Us

Get to Know Horizon

Horizon Computer Solutions Inc. is an industry-leading Western Canadian IT solutions provider specializing in transformative technology solutions. Horizon focuses on six primary Technology Solutions to meet the diverse needs of our clients: 

Established in 1995, Horizon has been providing advanced and scalable business solutions to organizations across Canada. From local businesses to public and private multinational enterprises, Horizon’s collaborative approach to problem-solving is based on delivering revolutionary technology solutions strategically aligned with our client’s business objectives.

Headquartered in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan — one of Canada’s fastest-growing technology hubs — Horizon has a long history of being at the forefront of innovative solutions to strategically navigate the technology landscape to help our clients achieve their desired business objectives. Our 25 years of success are a testament to our commitment to serving our clients and our community.

As the world adapts and advances with new and exciting technologies, Horizon’s vision and commitment will always be to provide transformative solutions that deliver new capabilities and outcomes for our clients

We create experiences for organizations that reveal new possibilities.

Our Values

Empowering your business with innovative People, Process & Technology.


We support and promote our people working together to achieve common goals.

Together, we adapt, overcome, and innovate.


We honor the rights and beliefs of our team members, customers, shareholders, suppliers, and our community. Our relationships are defined with dignity, equality, fairness, and trust.


We conduct ourselves with the highest ethical standard through the rights and beliefs of our team members, customers, shareholders, suppliers, and our community demonstrating honestly, equality and fairness in every task we undertake.


We are leaders in providing value to our team members, clients, shareholders, suppliers, and the community.


We accept our individual and team responsibilities, and we honor our commitments. We take responsibility for our performance in all our decisions and actions.

IT Service Desk

Horizon’s next -generation service desk operates out of our Saskatoon office; this ensures that we are able provide businesses and organizations with a dedicated support structure as part of our managed services offering.

Horizon has built an advanced infrastructure focused on providing the best-in-class service with some of the most advanced software in the industry, and has been custom tailored to be an extension of your organization.