Hybrid Workforce

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Hybrid work is here to stay, and this new challenge has opened a world of new possibilities and potential that is transformative, exciting, and filled with opportunity. Every organization is unique, and as a result, each will adopt its own approach to hybrid work.

Every organization is unique, and as a result, each will adopt its own approach to hybrid work. With new and emerging technology, organizations can reimagine how employees use their time, equipment, software, and data — empowering them to be at their best, anywhere and everywhere.

Horizon is proud to lead this powerful new era as it continues to transform businesses across Canada.

Our goal is build a unified technology experience no matter where you choose to work.

As the world adapts and advances with new and exciting technologies, Horizon’s vision and commitment will always be to provide transformative solutions that deliver new capabilities and outcomes for our clients


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Today’s workforce requires a new approach to transform the challenges of hybrid work into opportunities for innovation. Horizon brings together the tools and resources to create an inspiring workplace across multiple locations, empowering people with the freedom to be productive from anywhere by leveraging technology that is fully integrated with their business operations.

The hybrid work model is the next evolution of work. It is a combination of remote and centralized employees, working independently or collaboratively. When implemented correctly, it can increase employee engagement, boost productivity and create a culture that encourages innovation and creativity.