Cloud & Data Centre

Cloud & Data Centre

At Horizon, we pride ourselves on finding business-driven technology solutions that help our customers overcome their most complex technical challenges.

For many businesses, the cost, complexity and risk of moving to a modern infrastructure are barriers to next-generation computing. Horizon has a holistic strategy that solves each of these hurdles in order to simplify your data transformation journey.

The right migration strategy is critical. Horizon’s “People, Process, and Technology” approach enables you to make well-informed decisions, manage your project efficiently, and reduce risk. Our methodology takes into account the unique challenges and opportunities of every hybrid IT deployment and helps you choose the right combination of approaches—including stand-alone, private cloud, public cloud, and traditional infrastructure assets—that will let you get the most from each investment.

Horizon’s cloud and data center solutions provide you with an integrated portfolio of solutions that can help you reimagine your business with innovative solutions that create new insights, mobile workplaces, increased performance, and lower costs.

We work with our clients to design and create customized solutions that address their unique business requirements in a secured, flexible, scalable, and highly available environment using public, private, and/or hybrid cloud solutions. 

Cloud Enablement Strategies to redefine how you work

The right technology can make your business stronger. Our people-based approach helps you gain the right strategy, expertise, and process to optimize and modernize your business.


The cloud has dramatically changed the industry and is reshaping your business. We’ll give you a clear roadmap for moving your enterprise onto the cloud.


Our approach is to work with our clients to identify key points of efficiency and cost reduction and develop strategies for realizing these savings.


Our solutions for data modernization help modern businesses run faster and smarter, empowering them to innovate, serve customers better and grow profitably.

Transformative Solutions

Our Datacenter Transformation services enable our customers to pinpoint and implement the best solution for their unique needs. Combining attested technology solutions with best practices, proven processes, and a decade of real-world experience has resulted in tangible business transformation across a variety of industries.

Data Modernization

The right data storage strategy is vital to running a successful business. With our range of data solution platforms, you get a modern, efficient data infrastructure that meets your needs now and into the future. We’re extremely flexible and can tailor specific solutions to suit your organizational goals — whether they are driven by compliance standards, future planning, or more general business objectives.

Process Driven Methodology

We view infrastructure holistically. This is why we look at not only storage, networking, but compute and the whole IT environment - all in the context of your business.

We work with your existing systems to achieve the results you need, rather than taking a new-build approach. This can be time- and cost-effective, and enables you to maintain compliance with current regulations.

You're here because your organization's growth has outpaced your existing resources. We can help you understand how to scale your infrastructure, so you can implement the right solutions where needed to deliver positive business outcomes.

IT Service Desk

Horizon’s next -generation service desk operates out of our Saskatoon office; this ensures that we are able provide businesses and organizations with a dedicated support structure as part of our managed services offering.

Horizon has built an advanced infrastructure focused on providing the best-in-class service with some of the most advanced software in the industry, and has been custom tailored to be an extension of your organization.